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Simon Says: "I am not the kind of person to attend a fitness centre"

Simon Says: "I am not the kind of person to attend a fitness centre"

# Pastors Corner
Published by Simon Kangas Larsen on Monday, July 11, 2022 9:00 AM

The Pastors Colum from Kirkehilsen July/August: 

I had never for real been to a fitness centre before coming to Toronto. I thought I was not that kind of person, and I imagined that fitness-goers were only young and strong persons in good shape. But, after arriving to Toronto, and because of recommendations from friends, I tried the local GoodLife fitness centre down the corner and soon realized I liked it. Doing the exercises made me feel well, and now, Monday morning is almost as sacred as Sunday because that is when my favourite fitness class is happening. It is a class with all kinds of persons of all ages, sizes and strengths. Some are already strong, and others have a lot to work out. 

As a pastor, I have often met people saying: "I am not the kind of person who attends Sunday Services." Almost as I said, I would not go into a fitness centre because I believed I did not fit in, these people explain that churchgoers are firm believers and know the bible from A-Z. Therefore, going to church more regularly is not for them, even though many say they believe and have a religious curiosity. 

I want to say, as my friend said when I started to go to fitness: Give it a try! Come  in! Not for my sake as a pastor, but your own - and for the community.

Like fitness, it takes time to be confident with the room, traditions and fellowship, but I believe you will find a blessing in the peace, joy in the music and strength in the message of Jesus as the bread of life that can feed the essential hunger we can feel as humans. 

This May, I attended the closing service for one of the Danish Churches in Vancouver. It was a beautiful ceremony but also a sad occasion: a fellowship was closing down because no new blood had been added to the congregation. 

That reminded me that church is a community we create together, and like in a fitness centre, it can be done in many ways, not only on Sunday mornings. And if the fellowship should be strong and vital we have to do the exercise together regularly. 

Summer blessings! 

Pastor Simon