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President’s Message: As I write this we are...

President’s Message: As I write this we are...

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Published on Thursday, August 31, 2023 2:04 AM

... into the last part of August. The CNE is open – a sure sign of summer slipping away. For those of us here in southern Ontario, summer has been relatively kind to us. Several hot and humid days interspersed with rain – some soft and gentle showers – some heavy thunder storms. Very much like what we are used to. And, notably, very unlike the terrible weather elsewhere in Canada with wild and dangerous forest fires, unseasonable flooding, and over-bearing heat waves. I think we should be thankful for what we have here – and, if nothing else, offer hope and prayers to those in desperate situations anywhere else whether due to an angry Mother Nature or, perhaps more sadly, man-made aggressions. Also, times are tough with rising food and housing costs – especially here in the GTA – but we still have much to be grateful for. We have a wonderful church where we can safely gather for worship and fellowship, and share our stories and experiences, and our culture and customs. Make an effort to join us and help us continue this good side of life.

We are now “Simon-less”, but in great hands with the help of Pamela who led our services in July, and of course our good friends Jørgen and Kirsten who are back to help us once again, and will be here until Oct 1st. We are certainly grateful and thankful for the help these pastors give us in our time of need. And, as most of you know by now, in early October we will be welcoming our new pastor Kirstine Rasmussen and her husband Frej and young daughters Tui and Zoe. Please read the greetings from both Jørgen and Kirstine elsewhere in this newsletter as they look forward to helping us with our church needs going forward. 

It has been a rather quiet summer with most of our activities on break until September, including three Sundays with no service because of holiday weekends. But we still had services most Sundays thanks to Pamela and Jørgen. However, now we are getting ready for the fall: Welcome Back Fest (with a BBQ in the park!!), Special Visitors’ Day (with folks from DET BLÅ GYMNASIUM, Sønderborg), Thanksgiving Dinner, Imports pre-order, and much more. Please check the calendar and website for details. Make sure you don’t miss out!!

Various repairs were done throughout the summer. The water leak into Grundtvig Salen has hopefully been fixed. We have new tiles on the front steps, and the downspout by the exterior elevator door has been moved so that it won’t ice over by the door in the winter time. As well, new sound absorption boxes have been added to the sanctuary to provide a much better – and easier to hear – sound system. We hope to have the new internet hook-up completed by the end of September. Until then, there will still be a few inconveniences to deal with (i.e. no WiFi, live-streaming, or video).

Our pastors are there to help with any and all pastoral needs. If getting in touch with them is difficult while we are in transition - please contact either myself or Gerda Andersen – or any board member (see list at the back) and we will make sure the pastor gets back to you. Remember - this is your church and cultural centre. It will be what you make of it. The opportunities are there – we just need you to participate.


Sune Overgaard