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A dream come true

A dream come true

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Published on Monday, September 11, 2023 1:00 AM

Kirstine is The new Danish pastor in Toronto:

When the snowdrops were flowering and the spring sun was showing its beautiful face in the sky, my husband and I were sitting in the kitchen talking about the future. "What are you dreaming of, Kirstine?" He asked.

The answer came immediately: "I dream of one day moving to Canada, preferably Toronto, and being a pastor for the congregation there."

And just imagine, 3 days later it was announced that you were looking for a new pastor: Almost as if it was divine intervention.

We investigated the matter further, sent an application and you called. And how grateful we are that we are now faced with moving to the other side of the Atlantic - we are really looking forward to it!

Our family is made up of 4. Apart from me, you will also meet and get to know the other 3; Frej, who is not Danish, but half Swedish-half New Zealander, and our two daughters: Tui, 6 years old, and Zoé, 1.5 years old.

With me, I bring some experience of church life, both from Denmark and from abroad, as I’ve previously been an assistant in the Danish Church in Australia.  

I’ve found it particularly moving how the churches abroad are so driven by the congregation, the community, and the voluntary forces. That is why I find the fellowship in the church to be very special, something I will do my best to preserve and strengthen.

We all look forward to becoming part of the community that you have created in and around the church: A community that is supported by both the ecclesiastical, the social and the cultural.

I look forward to meeting everyone who passes by for one reason or another - whether it's because you need a pastor for life's big events, a church service or for one of the many other offerings that the church provides.

I will work to ensure that the church is open to everyone who wants to join. Here you can come with your faith & doubt, gratitude & challenges - and everything in between. Finally, I look forward to conversations, to meeting you and getting to know each of you individually.

Kirstine Rasmussen