A new look to the good old church

A new look to the good old church

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Published by Simon Kangas Larsen on Friday, November 1, 2019 11:27 AM

he board and pastor Simon has over the last month worked on updating the look of the communication around the Danish Church. 

An essential element is the new version of the church's logo, which the board has just approved. It is the graphic designer Kristian Stokholm from Aarhus, Denmark, who has created the logo. He has respected the tradition and the history around the church and at the same time, given the logo a modern and contemporary look. Together with the text "Danish Church Toronto," the church is much more visible and the new logo can be used on various prints, on the church's Facebook, the website and perhaps on a tote bag, t-shirt or coffee mug.

Another change, as you may have recognized, is the update of "Kirkehilsen" - the church magazine, which was redesigned this spring with more images, shorter texts and colours. We hope you like that improvement. 

Soon a new website for the church will be launced containing a calendar for all events and much more.