I have received an e-mail with a surprising content

I have received an e-mail with a surprising content

# Pastors Corner
Published by Simon Kangas Larsen on Sunday, September 1, 2019 11:04 AM

It was an e-mail with pictures from a photographer. He had visited our church because he should cover a wedding. And a few days after, I received a picture of our church as I had never seen it before. 

The photographer is John Larsen, and with his picture, he has given us the possibility to see the church through a lens and give it a whole new perspective upside down.

Or is it a crystal ball he is using where we have the possibility to look into the future of our church? 

I have been the pastor at the Danish church for about a half year, and I am delighted to be here working. I have arrived in a congregation with significant commitment.

What I see in the crystal ball is that there also in the future is a great needfor a Danish church in Toronto. There is a great need both for the cultural and ecclesiastical activities. I also see that there is a task of being relevant to the Danes moving to the Toronto area and not just the initial immigrant congregation.

Immigration for Danes today is something different than 60 years ago. That means we need to consider the ways we work as a church and cultural center together in Toronto through our activities, networks and methods of communicating. Work that the board and many others are already considering. 

If it's you looking into the crystal ball, how do your Danish church and cultural place in Toronto look in the future? I am curious about hearing that! Please feel free to tell me when we meet in the church or comment below here og send me an e-mail (pastor@danchurch.ca).

Pastor Simon