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President’s Message March-April 2020

President’s Message March-April 2020

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Published on Wednesday, February 26, 2020 12:00 AM

Spring is the... 

... season of renewal for Mother Nature and all her plants and animals – and maybe even some two-legged ones. You are all welcome to become “renewed” at our church – although I think most of us already automatically do that. As you know we try very hard to provide not only the usual church services such as Sunday service, baptisms, memorial services, etc. – but also the many other activities associated with the social and cultural events that, among other benefits, maintain our Danish customs and traditions. Long story short – come and see us – you will have a wonderful and meaningful visit!

All activity groups are in full swing and happy to receive new participants. Please check our website and/or Facebook page for details – there are too many to mention here – including, in the coming months, these special events – Soup Sunday, Opera Lunch and Lecture, the church’s AGM, Easter Week, the Royal Dinner, Confirmation, and even the Spring Bazaar.

I want to highlight a couple of points here. We have upgraded our website. It is still a work in progress – but much more user friendly than before. 

Also, many of you have signed up as voting members and will soon receive the invitation to the AGM on Sun Mar 29. This is an important meeting where we review events of the last year and plans for the new one. If you want to know how this church operates and have any comments or questions or suggestions, etc. – here is where many of those answers and important decisions are made – so plan to be a part of it. 

Finally, I also want to comment on the support we have recently received with help to make coffee and sandwiches for our Sunday lunches. Thank you to those who have stepped up to help – and hopefully there will be more who will participate. 

Remember this is your church. We are here to serve you – but you have to participate both financially and physically to make this work. 

Happy Early Spring – and Happy Easter!

Sune Overgaard


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