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Updated information about Corona-Virus / COVID19

Updated information about Corona-Virus / COVID19

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Published on Tuesday, May 26, 2020 10:00 AM

Important information about activities at the Danish Church

UPDATED ON MAY 26, 2020. 

The Danish Church in Toronto continues to cancel all services and other church activities at least until the end of June, in response to the current corona virus situation and following the municipal by-laws and their restrictions.

This includes cancellation of Constitution Day celebrations at Sunset Villa on June 7, as well as our own Skt. Hans Fest on June 21. 

It is a difficult time when we would prefer to keep our church open and celebrate services, but instead we encourage that you carefully follow all the public health suggestions regarding hand washing, self-distancing, etc., and even self-isolation if needed. 

As many of you now know, we have found a new way of going to church. Pastor Simon is offering Video-worships from our church that you can find via our website. It is a short devotion with a reflection, prayer and blessing, a hymn, and there will be a new one every Sunday during the Corona-lockdown. 

We are also planning another extra Danish Imported Goods on-line store, and even a Summer Lottery. Both of these activities can safely be done while still following all public health rules, and is a means of collecting church revenues in a difficult time.

See more on the church's new YouTube channel

If you need someone to talk to or want to know more, you are most welcome to contact Pastor Simon (647-913-3041 or simon@danchurch.ca
or President Sune Overgaard (416-709-3139).

Take good care of your loved ones around you and yourself.

God bless!

The Danish Church, Toronto.