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Video-Worship #4 - Maundy Thursday

Video-Worship #4 - Maundy Thursday

# Video Worship
Published by Simon Kangas Larsen on Thursday, April 9, 2020 8:00 AM

Come and join a communion service - on a distance - together 

It is Maundy Thursday - that day in the Easter, where Jesus is sharing the bread and wine as his body and blood with His Disciples. 

Maundy Thursday is about fellowship, but we cannot meet for worship in the Danish Church, so pastor Simon is inviting to celebrate communion home in your living room - together - and still apart. If you want, you can find some bread, wine or juice and join the communion this Maundy Thursday. Or else you can listen to the reflection abut fellowship, the texts, prayer and hymn, that belong to this special day in the week of Easter. 


Kirsten Gibson