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An Easter Gift?

An Easter Gift?

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Published by Simon Kangas Larsen on Wednesday, April 8, 2020 12:00 PM

We are all living under very trying times these days - many without work or income, and still expenses to pay. Our church is also under this burden with expenses due and no meetings or services to collect financial help. However there are still some folks who have mailed in donations as Easter gifts to the church. We are very grateful for these gifts and would like to encourage others to do likewise if they are able to do so. Of course you need to look after your own personal needs first, but if you are able to send even a small donation to the church - it would be gracefully accepted and a big help to keep us going until we can open the doors to everyone once more. 

At the moment, we only receive checks to the Danish Church sent by mail, but we are working on other donation solutions. 

In the meantime - keep in touch with Simon's video services, and follow all the public health rules so together we can beat the Covid-19 virus. Our faith is still strong and alive and well.

Best wishes for a safe, healthy, and happy Easter time. 

On behalf of the church Board,

Sune Overgaard,


Eva Terp