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One world - in slow motion

One world - in slow motion

# Pastors Corner
Published by Simon Kangas Larsen on Tuesday, April 28, 2020 8:00 AM

We should keep a social distance, we are told, to protect the people around us and us from the spread of the Corona-Virus. When out walking, we cross to the other side, when someone comes towards us. We follow the guidelines when shopping by standing on the red spots on the floor - six feet apart. And we are told to stay inside, isolated from our neighbours, while out the window we can watch the world go by in slow motion. It is indeed an extraordinary time! 

One aspect that has come to my mind over the last couple of weeks of quarantine is that the more isolated we are, at the same time, we may feel connected like never before: Locally to the people for whom we are crossing the street or the workers in the grocery store; globally to people of all nations, who are challenged by the same virus spread from the other side of the globe.  We are in relation to one another - apart. We are one world - in slow motion. 

The experience of slow motion is a possibility for reflection. What is essential for us may be more visible. 

For the first time since the creation of the Danish congregation and Church in Toronto, there were no Easter-services in our church. And so be it, for we need to take care of each other by staying apart. But I want to recap what I said in my Easter-Video-Worship: "If we had been together in the church, we would have shaken hands; maybe given each other a hug and shared happy smiles because Easter morning is a day full of joy - even when our life is affected by shadows, sorrows and worries about the future. The joy coming out of the empty tomb is a joy stronger than all our sorrows and challenges". 

We are experiencing a world in slow-motion. We are not allowed to touch each other because of the nasty virus, but Jesus can reach us - and that is what he does. Our faith is not limited to a specific building, but he is among us and in our hearts and will reach us where we are in our homes. He is in our relations - even though we are apart. 

We will meet again. And until then, stay home, stay safe, take care - and use the opportunity to reflect over the essential relations - in slow motion. 

Pastor Simon