President’s Message for the summer 2020

President’s Message for the summer 2020

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Publish date Published on Friday, June 19, 2020 8:00 AM
President’s Message for the summer 2020

DEAR friends of the Danish church here in Toronto. We meet again this way as the Covid pandemic is still affecting our lives. My hopes are that all of you,  your families and friends are healthy and safe. 

The good news is that based on the reduced numbers of positive tests in recent days, we seem to be on the road to winning the battle – but it is too early to celebrate. We have to continue to follow the basic public health rules. The more we all do our part, the sooner we will beat this crisis and be together again. 

We still cannot gather for services in our church, and it can easily be another month or more before that becomes possible. Until then all church activities are cancelled. As soon as we have permission from the health authorities, we will do our best to open our doors and share our services once more. Keep in mind that social distancing and other special arrangements will be part of our everyday lives for a while yet. Since many of our members and regular church goers are seniors, even when we receive the green light to have services again, we will need special plans and precautions in place to ensure the safety of everyone visiting our church. We will only open our doors when it is completely safe to do so for everyone. It is a challenge but we are all committed to working on putting it into effect. If all goes well, we are hoping for a September opening for all our activities, including our postponed AGM -- but time will tell, so stay tuned.

By now you should all be aware of Simon’s video worships which are available each and every Sunday; they are top quality and, together with Brigitte’s music, make you feel that you are part of the service right there in the church. Many people have complimented us and in particular Simon for reaching out to them in this way. The videos are very comforting and let you know the church is still alive and well. These will continue until we are ready to open our doors for the real thing. 

As mentioned before, many people have lost jobs or received reduced work loads, and many businesses have suffered and even had to close. The governments are doing their best to help – but it is a difficult time for all, including our church. Even though our doors are closed we still have expenses and many people have responded with donations and other payments which are gratefully accepted. We are now set up for E-transfers for those who wish to support us in this way, or a cheque in the mail also works. Of course you should look after your own personal needs first, but if you still have the ability to make a donation of any size – we will always say “tusind tak” for your support.

Our last on-line imports store was such a success that we will have another one this summer. It will work the same as before, but check the “On-Line Imports Store” here. As well, we will also have our summer lottery. It will be a bit different in these Covid times with email purchases as well as the usual cheque and stubs in the mail. The draw will take place on Sunday, July 26 and, unless things change by then, we will have several board members witness the draw to ensure all is fair. Many of you will receive a book of tickets with this newsletter, but please check the Summer Lottery section for specific details. Both the on-line imports store and the summer lottery are attempts for fund raising during a time when our doors cannot be opened and we appreciate your support by participating in either or both of these special events.  

These are trying times for everyone. The best we can do is be patient and careful, and follow the guidelines the authorities have given us. 

We are winning – and will eventually completely win. In the meantime – stay safe!!  And remember – we are here to serve you. 

Sune Overgaard