Danish Church potential start-up

Danish Church potential start-up

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Published on Saturday, July 11, 2020 12:00 PM

Many are wondering and even asking when we might open the doors once more at the Danish Church in Toronto for services and other church activities. We are all anxious to put the shut-down behind us. 

At this point we are hoping to look for a Sunday September 13 opening for our first face-to-face service. But this will only happen if conditions continue to improve, and if we feel that we can safely receive and protect our participants. The Board will review the situation again in later August to see if a September opening is possible - and of course inform our members by multi-media of the status. 

The authorities are telling us that we are slowly winning the Covid battle - but that we have to continue to follow the health guidelines re face coverings and physical distancing, etc. Keeping in mind that many of our members are in the higher risk group, and that we have to ensure proper protection for all, opening our doors right now for any church activity would be very difficult to manage.

Many other churches (Canadian Lutheran Synoid, Anglican Church of Canada, etc) have said they will wait until conditions improve. Our Board has likewise decided to wait a bit longer until we are comfortable that we can safely manage an opening of our doors. Considering these are now the high summer months when most of us try to take holidays (including our Pastor), and the current Covid status which only allows for 30 % capacity, it was the most logical step. 

We are lucky to haveSimon's well done videos and Brigitte's music to help us through these difficult days. With patience and the practice of health safety rules, we can and will be together soon again. Have a wonderful and safe summer.

Sune Overgaard, president of the board


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Eli Soberg
Thank you for the Sunday services
They are such a good help for me in my lonely state
Please keep up the good work
Looking forward to seing everybody again sometime
when it will be safe again.