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When God vaccinated the whole world with hope

When God vaccinated the whole world with hope

# Pastors Corner
Published by Simon Kangas Larsen on Friday, May 21, 2021 12:00 PM

We see it in the news, on the internet and in the papers: The COVID-vaccines are our way out of the pandemic and all its restrictions. When vaccinated, we cannot get as ill from Covid, and it will be possible for us to open our doors and meet again, see family and friends, give hugs, sing together, go to church and much more - hopefully soon. 

The vaccine is the hope we cling to, as the way out of restrictions and the pandemic. 

We are in the month of May, and the next important event in our church is Pentecost. 

After the first Easter, when Jesus died on the cross and was resurrected back to life and ascended to Heaven, the disciples were scared and isolated. Not because of a pandemic, but because their lives were in the darkness of fear and confusion: What to do, now that Jesus was not present among them anymore? 

They did not dare to open the door and go out into the world; they isolated themselves. 

But then, we read in our Bible, while the disciples are sitting there behind closed doors, suddenly the room is filled with a gust of wind and light from flames. It is the morning of Pentecost, and God entered into their lives as the Holy Spirit and filled them with courage, knowledge and power - and the ability to talk in other languages (Acts, 2:1). 

You could say God vaccinated the disciples that morning, so they were able to break their isolation and dare to go out into the world. They started to preach the message of faith, love and hope as Jesus had taught them. 

And therefore the morning of Pentecost, God also vaccinated the whole world with hope! You and me. The Holy Spirit came into our life and world and made the love of God a part of our life. 

Pentecost Sunday is May 23. We cannot celebrate this important day with a festive Sunday Service in person because of the restrictions. But one of the main points about the Holy Spirit is that God breaks all boundaries and is present everywhere in our relations and fellowships. Also, behind closed Corona doors. 

God vaccinated the whole world with a dose of hope when he sent the Holy Spirit to us at Pentecost. In that, we can have comfort, faith and strength when our world seems isolated and restricted and when we feel the burden of worries and sorrow. 

Pentecost is hope - like spring after a long winter. 

Have faith; all will be well!

Happy Pentecost
Pastor Simon