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Fall update on the Sanctuary Upgrade

Fall update on the Sanctuary Upgrade

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Published by Simon Kangas Larsen on Monday, November 1, 2021 4:29 PM

The plan is still to end up with a beautiful sanctuary like the artist’s rendering presented earlier this year. But the board had to change the initial scope of the sanctuary upgrade. We were frankly shocked that the bids received from the three contractors were at a minimum double what we had expected. Due to Covid, the cost of labour and materials were much higher than originally estimated.  We pulled out various parts of the original project which could either be done later or by other individual contractors, but the revised bids still came back too high. Instead, the board decided to go forward with individual contractors, several of which we have used in the past and know and trust. Going this route would allow us major cost savings although it means more administrative responsibility on our part to ensure proper and safe completion of the project. 

Some work is starting now and should be done by the end of November so that we can have our Christmas services without interruption, and the rest is hopefully done in the early part of the new year. The plan is now to have the project completed in time for an exciting Easter unveiling.

The construction of the sanctuary upgrade is one thing, but clearly, the effort to raise funds to help with this cost is another. Many of you have already made contributions to our fundraising plans. Up to mid-October, the General Fund has received just under $17,500, and the Art Fund just under $1,400 – that is a total of almost $19,000. Thank you so much for this support. It is not only appreciated, but also needed. 

In fact, we are hoping that we can still do much better. Remember that we do not get any funding from Denmark as some other Danish churches do. We have to independently meet not only our annual operating costs, but also any capital costs (which this upgrade is) that we need to do. We can usually rely on our members to help us raise funds as best they are able to do. But since we are the only Danish church in eastern Canada, there should be many other Danes and Danish supporters who benefit from our church and its programs and facilities. We would like to reach out to them as well and hope they will consider to make a contribution or two. It goes without saying that any donation or gift of any size to the church is tax deductible, but we also hope that just the desire to help and support and receive benefit from this caring charity is also enough to encourage a donation. Together we can make it possible to have a unique and contemporary church to represent the Danes and Danish heritage and culture of which we are so proud of.

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