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Join the Danish Community/Family Choir for all ages

Anyone of any age with interest in the Danish/Nordic language and culture is welcome in the new choir at the church: Families with children and grandparents with their grandchildren, as well as individuals wanting to sing. 

The goal is to participate in the 4-5 Family services (Halloween, Lucia, and Fastelavn) a year and for the kids to have fun while exploring music and their cultural heritage with the congregation.
We meet on a Sunday from 11.30-12.00 prior to the Family Service Sundays. The material that we work on during the rehearsal will also be made available online for those unable to attend. 

The practice dates for the winter are

MARCH 19, 11.30-12 PM for participation in the Family Services on April 2 (Palm Sunday). 

February 12, 11.30-12.00 pm for participation in the Family Services on February 26 (fastelavn)
The new Danish Community Choir will be singing mainly in English and some in Danish.
Please sign up, and send any questions or concerns to music director Brigitte Bogar: music@danchurch.ca