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Lær Dansk - Danish Lessons at the church II

After Easter, there will be a new round of Danish Lessons at the Danish Church.
Susanne Truelsen will be the teacher guiding the classes, assisted by Pastor Simon. 

  • Six lessons in the spring:  April 18 and 25, May 9, 16 and 30. June 6 at 7:30 pm-21:15 pm.
  • (Extra day May 13, 2023: Volunteer day at the Danish Spring Bazaar at the Church. It will be fun!!)
  • Participate in-person at the church (not on zoom). 
  • Six lessons for $60, open to any level from high school-age and up.
  • Sign up and pay the fee online as soon as possible - and not later than April 1st., 2023. There are limited spots.  

The classes will focus on the skills of speaking and comprehending Danish on an everyday level. We will work in groups trying to match people at the same level. We will share books/texts to read and understand and, if requested, work on written Danish. 

Susanne Truelsen is Danish and has lived in Toronto for almost 25 years. She works in communications in both Danish and English and has been a journalist for both CBC and DR.  If you have any questions, please get in touch with Pastor Simon at pastor@danchurch.ca