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Juledag: Online Services in Danish


Juledag: Online Services in Danish

Date Friday, December 25, 2020 8:00 AM
Location Finch Avenue West 72, M2N 2H4 Toronto
Juledag: Online Services in Danish

Welcome to Christmas Day service from the Danish Church in Toronto. The service is in Danish with Danish hymns and the sermon in Danish. You can see the service from Dec. 25th at 8 AM.

Sit comfortably on your sofa, light a candle and sing along to the hymns, listen to the Christmas gospel and hear Pastor Simon's sermon on how the hope of Christmas is for all people and hope for all in a difficult time.

Worship hymns are:
100: Kimer i klokker
114: Hjerte løft din glædes vinger
119: Julen har bragt velsignet bud
99: Velkommen igen Guds engle små
GGG 85: Joy to the world

Sining: Brigitte Bogar
Organ / Piano: Mark Fenger
Viola: Emily Eng

Pastor: Simon Kangas Larsen