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Christmas Eve - Bilingual Video-Worhsip


Christmas Eve - Bilingual Video-Worhsip

Date Thursday, December 24, 2020 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Location Danish Church Toronto, Finch Avenue West 72, M2N 2H4 Toronto
Christmas Eve - Bilingual Video-Worhsip

Welcome to the Christmas Eve service from the Danish Church in Toronto about Christmas presents, Christmas tree and Christmas lights

Sit comfortably on your sofa, light a candle and sing along to the hymns, listen to the Christmas gospel and hear Pastor Simon's sermon on Christmas Trees, Christmas Gifts and Christmas Hope.

Worship hymns are:
94: Det kimer nu til julefest
104: Et barn er født i Betlehem
O come all ye faithful
120: Glade jul
121: Dejlig er Jorden

Singing: Brigitte Bogar

Organ / Piano: Mark Fenger

Viola: Emily Eng

Pastor: Simon Kangas Larsen