We will be having our Summer Lottery to raise much-needed funds for the church. As we are a fully self-funded charity, the lotteries are usually held twice a year as fundraising projects. Due to the Covid pandemic, we have not had the opportunity for meeting and enjoying services and special occasions, which are our normal fundraising sources, as they have had to be cancelled. To offset this, we have come up with a new plan to sell as many tickets as we can despite not being able to gather at the church. 

The ticket prices are $25 for a book of 6, and the draw will be held on Sunday July 26, 2020 at the church, conducted under licence # M 824767.

We would appreciate your continuing support of our church by purchasing these tickets. 

You can participate online

Some have received a book of lottery tickets with 'Kirkehilsen' by mail. But you can also participate online by sending an e-transfer to cover your full payment ($ 25 for 6 tickets) to

Remember to show your name, address, e-mail address and phone number in the comment box.

And remember to send an e-mail to with your chosen password/code for your e-transfer.

After having received the funds and this information, we will fill out the ticket stubs for you and email back to you the actual ticket numbers for your reference. This way your actual ticket stubs go into the drum along with all the other stubs received by mail.

Deadline: July 26 - or as long as we have tickets. 

Win great prizes

Again this year we have great prizes thanks to our generous donors like Malmholt Fine Jewellery of Toronto, the church itself, as well as some church members. We have only printed a total of 425 books so your chances of winning are quite good. 

Prize #1:  Cash Prize $ 1,000.00
Prize #2: Danish Gold Dagmar Cross ($ 735.00)
Prize #3: Cuisinart Precision Stand Mixer ($ 452.00)
Prize #4: Orrefors Crystal Decanter ($ 110.00)
Prize #5: Cara Foods Gift Card ($ 100.00)

Should you wish to add a donation for which you can get a tax receipt, this is of course gratefully accepted.

Thank you and Good Luck! The Church Board