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Final Presentation on Proposed Sanctuary Upgrade

Since November 2020 we have shown artists’ drawings of our proposed upgrade and asked for your opinions. We have had a very good response to this request for comments and concerns.

Read the summary of the many comments here (PDF file) 

We appreciate that the majority of your replies have been very favourable for this project, but that is not to say that we did not receive any negative comments – they were there as well. This is a very important and expensive project for our church. We wanted your understanding of the situation we were facing, and your honest comments and thoughts on this plan. And that is what we got – thank you. 

Now we need to move forward with this project.

On Wednesday, March 17 we invited to a meeting on zoom on the project. 30 people attended and shared comments, concerned and ideas. 

We were given a rough estimate of about $200,000 for this project, but that total can change very quickly depending on our final plans. The board feels that since the church has been very lucky to receive significant estate and special gifts in the past year, we can afford this capital one-time cost to give the 55 year old sanctuary a much-needed facelift, among other benefits derived from this upgrade. The latest status on this project and answers to any related questions will be addressed.

The final step of this upgrade plan will be formal approval at the AGM on Apr 24.

The project group and board have worked long and hard on this plan. We feel we have found the best answer to many of our current needs regarding this upgrade. Plan to join us that evening, and we look forward to your support for the best outcome for this church.



The facelifted church - seen from the altar. 

The facelifted altar - seen from the church