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Sanctuary Upgrade - a presentation

AGM and Sanctuary Upgrade Update

The Church’s postponed AGM was held on Saturday November 14 by zoom with over 40 members participating. The meeting with reports and discussions went very smoothly and the board members listed on the agenda who were up for re-election were all accepted by acclamation. Thank you to all who were involved. 

A summary of the proposed sanctuary upgrade is listed below. The board is very anxious to hear your thoughts.
The two most significant factors that have encouraged the wish for a sanctuary upgrade are firstly that the 55-year old sanctuary is in need of a face lift, and secondly the need for more space to accommodate the 400-500 people who come through our doors for the bazaars. The update we did with the Royal Hall a few years ago really lifted lifted our spirits and it is hoped that an update of the sanctuary will have the same effect. Our bazaars have become increasingly more and more successful bringing with it the need to move some of the booths out of the Royal Hall.  The only "new extra" space available is in the sanctuary, but to make that space available we would have to remove the pews which are heavy and securely screwed into the floor. Replacing the pews with chairs would allow them to be easily moved and stored to allow room for bazaar booths and other fund-raising events. This in turn would reduce the bazaar congestion we currently have - a very important safety concern.

In the pictures you will see pews on one side and chairs on the other. The purpose here was to show you how it would look using one or the other. Whatever we decide, it would be all pews or all chairs. Many of us still love and would prefer the pews, but this would not permit us to expand the bazaar space and revenues would be greatly reduced as we would have to limit the number of people attending. We cannot and will not risk the safety of our bazaar participants. Either we go with chairs and expand the bazaar space - or we stay with pews and have much less productive bazaars due to many fewer people. The board is leaning towards chairs as we want to continue with successful bazaars that are now reaching out to many more people - not just Danes. Many churches in Toronto as well as in Denmark now use chairs - so it is not an unusual choice. Unfortunately, it is an either/or situation - either plan A or plan B. That is why we need your feedback to guide us with this issue.
Once  the decision of chairs versus pews has been made, we can go forward with the other parts of this proposed sanctuary upgrade. As you can see the chancel will be re-done with hardwood flooring and everything on the same level. The new altar will be a bit smaller with room for the pastor to stand behind it, and even movable to allow for multi-use events - ie concerts, presentations, etc. The communion kneelers will also be movable but still secure. The cross has been back lit to emphasize its importance, with a small shelf below to place flowers and candles. We are suggesting appropriate artwork on the arch walls to bring out a bit of colour. There will also be directional lighting to make sure any video or other productions can be properly lit.  

The view towards Finch shows slightly angled seating on new cork flooring with colour coded walkways or other flooring material. Please note that the chair seating would be suitably linked with holders for hymn books etc., and solid enough to not move when entering or exiting. There is new sconce lighting on the side pillars as well as new overhead lighting with Danish design fixtures. There are windows in the access doors to the room, and the large window behind the organ has been baffled to provide better controlled lighting.  

All in all, we feel these pictures would give you a good idea of the upgrade we are looking at. We wanted to give the room a much-needed face lift - bring it into the 21st century - while still respecting and honouring the original design of our much-loved church. The history and culture and original framework are still well represented, but now much brighter - which we hope our future will become.

Please speak to or contact any board member with your thoughts - either positive or negative - or perhaps both?

We want to move forward with this early in the new year. Share your comments with the Board on the ideas presented here before Feb 1st, 2021. Please send them to the board to mail@danchurch.ca - or give the board a call.

Thank you - the Board.


The facelifted church - seen from the altar. 

The facelifted altar - seen from the church