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Skt Hans Lottery

Welcome to the fun Skt Hans Lottery. Participate before June 26

We are having a Skt Hans Lottery (licence # M 823995) to raise funds for the church. Many of you will receive a book of lottery tickets with this Kirkehilsen. The price is unchanged - $25 for a book of 6. The draw will be held on Sunday June 26, 2022 at our Skt Hans Fest, and by purchasing these tickets you are continuing to support our church.

The process is the same as usual – fill out the ticket stubs with your name, address (and/or email), and phone number and, well before the June 26 deadline, mail the stubs together with your payment in the return envelope provided – or drop them off in person at the church. You can also pay by e-transfer or credit card, but make sure you still send in the ticket stubs as they are needed to go into the drum for the draw.

If you haven't received tickets and/or would like to purchase additional books, you can do this on-line by e-transfer to lottery@danchurch.ca, or credit card on our website. Make sure you reference your name, e-mail address and phone number. After having received the funds and this information, we will fill out the ticket stubs for you and e-mail you the ticket numbers for your reference. 

Again, this year we have great prizes thanks to our generous donors like Malmholt Fine Jewellery, Torp Inc, and Ecco Shoes. We have only printed a total of 425 books so your chances of winning are quite good.

Prize #1 Cash Prize $1,000
Prize #2 Gold Dagmar Cross $   735
Prize #3 Ecco Kauai Small Saddlebag $   315
Prize #4 Fritz Hansen Jamie Hyon High Vase $   290
Prize #5 Ecco Jilin Tandem Large Wallet $   160

Should you wish to add a donation for which you can get a tax receipt, this is of course gratefully accepted.
Thank you and Good Luck!