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Sancturary upgrade fundraising - we need your support

We are all aware that the Sanctuary Upgrade plan as presented by the board was approved at our last AGM. We are, of course, very grateful for the extraordinary gifts received from the Verner Norgaard estate and the Grimsby congregation. These gifts allowed us to confidently move forward with the upgrade plans which will bring new life into our church. The renovation of the sanctuary is needed after almost 60 years of use. The church was built in 1964-1965 and has a unique Nordic touch and architecture that we want to strengthen in lighting, furniture, and new art. 

Now we want to make it ready for the next 60 years, and for the next generations. The work will take place this summer and fall, and we will have to put up with various inconveniences during that period.
However, the renovation project is also a chance for Danes and people with Danish roots (both members and non-members) to support our church and the project. The board now invites you to support this project by participating in the fund-raising plan. There are two options - the General Upgrade Fund, and the Church Art Fund. Both are important to help us enjoy the present, and prepare for the future.

Support us now

We will start the fundraising now in July 2021 and have posters showing our progress updated each month. Whether you give as an individual, or as a family, or in memory of a dear one, all reasons are welcome. Here is your opportunity to do something special for the church. By giving to either or perhaps even both of these funds, you are helping to purchase new chairs, put in new flooring, add improved lighting, upgrade the altar area, and add contemporary art to the sanctuary, among other changes. All contributions, whether large or small, will be gladly accepted, and will receive a tax receipt.

General Upgrade Fund - $50,000

This fund is self-explanatory – we wish to raise at least this amount to help cover some of the main upgrade costs. We know the final cost will be much higher, but we wanted to choose a reachable target. We will of course be quite happy to surpass this goal if that would inspire a unique contribution or two. 

Read about the project here.
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Status, January 1. 2022

Church Art Fund - $38,000

This fund is a special part of the sanctuary upgrade where we wish to add artwork by a renowned Danish artist to the altar area. One painting on each side of the altar arch, and a carved wooden piece on the front of the altar base, are among the plans for new art in the church. The tradition for art in Danish churches is long standing, and contemporary art in our church will add warmth, colour, and a new theological dimension to the room. This fund is set into three sections - the first to cover the paintings and travel and transport; the next to cover the wood carving of the altar base; and the final for the baptismal font lighting. 

Read about the art project here.
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Status, January 1. 2022 

We look forward to your support and thank you in advance.

The Board


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